Marketing & Design


Smpl Rounding  logo / ux design / marketing materials / user guide

Smpl Rounding is a mobile-first web application designed to make hospital rounding easy, fast, and efficient. For Smpl, I designed a minimalist logo that reflected the “simple” brand. The “S” was created in illustrator to abstractly convey hospital rounding. I also wrote and designed a one pager and user guide for the app as well as UX designs and prototyping in Adobe XD.

Wilo  logo / tagline / design / illustration /copywriting

Wilo is a three-part system that uses responsive technology to encourage hand washing through positive reinforcement. I designed the logo to be clean and legible, and made the “o” to look like a water drop as a nod to handwashing. I came up with the tagline, “Clean hands for life”, a play on words meaning clean hands saves lives and “for life” meaning continued over a lifetime. The art consists of simple digital line drawings not meant to be flashy, but meant to be aesthetically clean while conveying the message.

OurGroup logo / illustration / marketing / user guide

OurGroup is an innovative platform designed to optimized corporate communications. For OurGroup, I designed a simple yet unique logo that showcased the platform’s use of groups to organize large organizations in an efficient way. I wrote and designed the user guides and created visual graphics to illustrate the use of the platform. 

Adventist Health Google AdWords Campaign  design / copy / campaign production and execution / analytics

For Adventist Health, I produced and managed several Google AdWords campaigns designed to bring traffic to their newly designed website.

One Research Foundation Thomas Jefferson Study Campaign  poster / brochure / email marketing / press releases

For the One Research Foundation, I produced a campaign to advertise the release of a new published research study with the objective of bringing awareness to its cause and to garner new recurring donors. The campaign leveraged email marketing, social media, and content marketing to excite potential donors and encourage recurring donor enrollment. We gained over 67 new recurring donors within a three month period, increasing the number of recurring donors 116%. 

Shawnee Mission Health Hand Washing Campaign  posters / stickers / kiosks

For Shawnee Mission Health, I designed and produced an ad campaign to increase hand washing and raise awareness about hospital-acquired infections. The close-up images of either clean or dirty hands focuses attention on the objective — maintaining hand cleanliness. Each image is complimented by a thought-provoking statement that also reinforces the message of “Clean hands, clean conscience.”

Culver City Redevelopment Agency Reshape | Renew | Recreate Campaign  brochure / postcards / poster / street banner ads

For the city of Culver City, I created a marketing campaign to help foster business improvements to the city by bringing awareness to the city’s redevelopment agency and advertising grant opportunities. I created a simple yet catchy tagline: “Reshape, Renew, Recreate” to highlight the positive changes taking place. I used images of butterflies that were both aesthetically beautiful and a powerful metaphor for transformation.